Why Smart Start?

Smart Start simply has the Best Product, the Best Prices and the Best Service.



Smart Start offers the most technologically advanced Ignition Interlock devices on the market.  Each device has a LCD screen to tell you vital information.  Information such as when your next appointment is, when it is time to take a test and whether or not you have received a violation.  It will also give you a free restart timer, a period in which you can restart the vehicle without taking a test.

The Smart Start Ignition Interlock also has unlock codes.  These codes are meant to save you time and money.  In the event that you do incur a violation, we can give you a code that will unlock your device so you can get back on the road.  This eliminates the towing that is required with other companies.  Our devices are detachable and can be kept inside to prevent theft and to keep the device from freezing.

And most importantly the Smart Start interlock has extremely fast testing.  Very short warm up times and IMMEDIATE results from your test.  Competing devices can take up to TWO minutes just to warm up.  Them an addition minute or more to analyze your test.  With our device you will not be sitting in the extreme temperatures waiting to drive.

Smart Start device is Small, Accurate and Fast!


Smart Start believes in being honest and fair.  You can count on that from us.

Some things you will never see when you choose Smart Start Ignition Interlock.  You won’t see hidden charges and deceiving sales pitches.  We charge one single price, tax included for our monthly service.  Many companies bait you with very low monthly lease costs, only to charge you additional “maintenance” and “calibration” fees.  They also won’t include the price of tax on their prices.  We include this all in one price.

You won’t ever be charged for mouthpieces, missed appointments, an extra fee for each individual violation or completing and filing your paperwork.

Our contract are month to month because we don’t feel we have to “trap” our customers in order to keep them.  Some companies charge early termination fees if you leave them for any reason.  This fee is as much as $300, which would be charged even if they are the reason you leave them.  Specified length of contracts that lock you in has no place in our business.

We believe our contract is a two-party agreement, we will treat you right so you don’t want to terminate your contract.


Service?  Smart Start wrote the book on customer service in the ignition interlock industry.

We feel that you are our best advertisement.  A very high percentage of our business comes from customer referrals.  We even get several repeat customers.  Although we don’t want to see you back for those reasons, it is very telling that someone would spend a year or more on the interlock and want to come back and use you again.  Everyone is treated like our customer, not a criminal.  We know what you are going through and will make it as easy as possible.

Smart Start is there for you 24 Hours a day.  Our customer support doesn’t stop when the sun goes down.  We have 24 hour service, we are around when you are.  If you have a question, concern or just want to know where the nearest location is you can call us.

We also will back our equipment 100%.  I find it amusing that some competitors offer “Free Roadside Assistance”.  I will offer you one better, “Won’t Leave You Stranded on The Side of the Road”.  In the extremely rare event that you experience an issue that has been caused by our unit we will come to you or pay to have you brought to us.  We will be with you every step of the way.

To schedule an installation or for questions you can either find the answer on our Website or Contact Us.   Want to ask us a question over the phone, no problem call us at 1-866-747-8278.

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