Smart Start In-Hom Device

Smart Start is a leader in Ignition Interlock technology.  But who knew we are also now offering the best in home breath testing as well.  Whether used with house arrest or for those who have have no vehicle for an ignition interlock, the Smart Start In-Hom breath testing device is the solution.

The In-Hom device offers courts and clients a very affordable option for continuous alcohol monitoring.  For offenders that don’t have the money for high priced options and courts who don’t have time to manage their own program the In-Hom is the perfect solution.  The In-Hom breath testing device offers reliable continuous monitoring, and requires no home phone and can be used with only a 11ov outlet.

Smart Start In-Hom

Smart Start In-Hom device. Offering cellular alcohol monitoring for VERY LOW COST!

  • Cellular Download, Reporting on a daily basis.
  • Fuel cell alcohol specific unit.
  • No phone lines needed.
  • Photo captured on every test.
  • Programmable Test Windows
  • Local locations, or court tailored program.


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