About Smart Start

Smart Start of Kansas Ignition Interlock, Smart Start of Nebraska Ignition Interlock and Smart Start of Iowa Ignition Interlock is locally owned and operated.  We have employees in our areas to focus on individual and local service.  We feel that our customers should be treated with respect.  We provide the  best in Ignition Interlock technology, so we can provide our customers reliable dependable service.  Our units are in most cases new devices.  We don’t just recycle equipment that has been in service for 10 t0 15 years.  Smart Start interlock devices offer incredibly fast testing.  So you don’t have to waste your time sitting in your car for the unit to allow you to drive.  Our tests, when alcohol free, analyze your test in less than one second.

We don’t play the pricing games either.  You will be notified what our prices are up front.  Our prices include tax, and we have no hidden fees.  We won’t charge you deposits, lock you into long term contracts, hide early termination fees, charge you extra to calibrate the device, charge you shipping fees, make you pay multiple months up front, require you to pay cash or charge for missed appointments.

Smart Start wants you to successfully complete the program.  We will complete your state paperwork for you and automatically report it to the state or monitoring authorities.  We do this for NO EXTRA CHARGE.

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